Nothing Ever Happens - Robyn Daly


Nothing Ever Happens - Robyn Daly


Nothing Ever Happens


"Heaven, is a place, where nothing ever happens” sang David Byrne in 1979. In her fifth book, Robyn Daly applies this nihilistic framework to her photographs from various locations around the world (2013-2016). The images that Daly has curated are tied together with unfulfilling tension, by the reality of constantly waiting for something meaningful to fall into our lives. Captured exclusively on black & white film, these photographs can be viewed together as tiny fragments of internal reflection, hedonism, oblivion, existential desire and the inherent loneliness of the human condition. 


Perfect bound

26 Pages 

Black and white plates printed on off-white stock

Edition of 100

Self published in Melbourne

Lauched alongside handprinted photos from the book, July 2017

A5, 20pp, stapled. Limited edition – 150 copies (numbered). ISBN 9780473410285

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